Tuesday, January 5, 2010

a desserted town in the middle of nowhere...

So we get to Bayrisch Eisenstein, a small desolate town, where we are so bored we decide to walk to another country.

We took a leisurely stroll to the bordering country, the Czech Republic, where you can buy alcohol for a few dollars and Asians look like they want to kill as they barter in there little roadside Asian markets.
This then brought us to New Year's Eve. Due to our still terrible jet lag mum makes us have a nap in the afternoon at 4 o'clock so we can stay away until midnight where there would be fireworks. Yes, we had our nap but were all fast asleep by 10 o'clock.
This then brought an end to our stay in the isolated country town, and we said goodbye to Germany and hello to Austria.

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  1. What a lovely mother you have, to take all her children on a fun, action packed European vacation!